The aim of that short term project was to create a new atmosphere in the waiting room (at an Institute for Psychiatry in France). During this 2-weeks-project we worked with staffs and the patients seeking care in order to get a range of perspectives. We developed a concept for flexible cabins where the patients as the parents can play with their children or have some private space together. The cabins had some physical game integrated which can generate melodies by touching it with specific objects to create an relaxed ambience.

SKETCH | textile of cabins structure with toy pockets

MODEL | visualise the function of the toy pockets

SKETCH | of play carpet

PROCESS | model building

08 | SteckEck

For an intermediate examination during my bachelor course, I chose the topic „Pop-Up-Stores“. I took a deeper look into several store concepts, retail, interior and exhibition design, and benefits for the consumer and branding based on the Pop-Up-Store concept. For practical part of this project, I developed the “SteckEck” a modular plug-in system for presenting the products of their brand, which consisting of two pieces. It takes up the aspect of simplifying the building and removal of the system.

09 | Material Movements

This project aimed to explore different materials and their behaviors. The findings were meant to be adapted to create a simple product – in this case, two lamps. Laura Gedatus and I focused on the influence of motion on liquid substances that become solid in the process such as acrylic ones, plaster, concrete, and porcelain. The objects resulting from our experiments were then used as colorful lamp shades .

10 | where is the cake?

A little detective game for children.
Folding cards to create a home.

Find the cake by scanning the images. Each image will give you a litte hint of where the cake is hidden.

Here you go! You found the cake!