06 | 2.5 Pop-UP-HOstels

Collaborating with national and internationally renowned design and architecture firms, KISD was in the context of the project “Two Point Five“ transforming its exhibition halls into a Pop Up Hostel for one week as a part of the PASSAGEN 2017 (interior Design week). In the beginning of the Project we asked designers and architects firms how much living space they could generate with 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 meters using only the simplest materials. We worked in conjunction with the designers to build the student hostel which was used as both a public exhibition and rooms for accommodation. Our group, consisting of 3 students, worked in collaboration with the design office “yellow design” from Cologne. The house was constructed by using “half-materials” and reusable bottles in order to reuse and up-cycle things and materials. We applied the same concept to the interior, using leftover materials of the bottle and wood offcuts. For the newspaper rack I created a colourful net, which was made of bottle lids without using any additional material. By drilling a holes into the bottle lids you can connect them together. The Illustrations were made to explain shortly the function of the furniture in the small house.