04 | Fit Cuisine

As a part of the annual furniture fair imm Cologne 2015, the KISD curated the exhibition “The Metamorphosis of the Bon-fire” at the renown art museum “Villa Zanders” in Bergisch Gladbach. A group of students showed their interpretations of the future kitchen. The project with the title “Fit Cuisine” created by Pia-Marie Stute and me is an interactive kitchen installation that plays with an ironical future scenario in which the well-established fitness trend efficiently merges with the act of cooking. To engage the visitors actively into a fitness and cooking parcour several stages were built up: a basketball hoop opening mechanism for a bin, some weighted pots and a resisting drawer.  A spice shelve of elastics and a punching pall which controls heat and energy of the kitchen’s stove. Raising awareness not only to the shift in priorities in today‘s lifestyles but also to the true value of electricity, a punching ball controls heat and energy of the kitchen‘s stove by using an accelerometer and arduino chip that register the strength of the hits and transport them to the LED-cooking plate.