01 | play carpet

This design concept is an open-space for the kindergarten. All children, regardless of their background or gender, feel save to appropriate the space and make it their own. The carpet brings different play corners (which you can often find in the kindergarten) together, combines them and makes them fluid. Through this fluidity, children are encouraged to discover new ways of playing and new perspectives. Indeed, this fluidity should break barriers in the child’s mind. For example, boys are often reluctant to play in the doll’s corner, not because they dislike playing in it but because it is deeply rooted in their social environment that dolls are for girls. My interpretation of creating an open space is a carpet in which modules can be unfolded. The children can playfully transform the modules to create various scenarios. Each of those encourages different movements and activities. The modules of the carpet have an abstract and undefined shape and therefore leave freedom for the imagination of the child.

The size of the carpet offers the two possibilities of interactions: An arm interaction, but also a fully physical interaction in which the entire body is involved.